SENS bar- A nourishing future food trend

Are you aware of the latest food trend that provides you with energy/ protein bars that are low carb, contain good fats, are high in protein with lots of vitamins/minerals e.g. B12, iron, calcium but with no gluten, dairy, soy or refined sugar?
Sound good?
By the way, the protein mainly comes from cricket flour (please don’t tell me you just made a face). People eat meat & shellfish so why not insects? This is probably because people immediately imagine insects as coming from dirty mud. However these crickets have been raised in a very clean environment, the work in converting them into yummy food has already been done for you and they taste great with a nutritional punch too! 

All natural, nourishing ingredients, no nasties!
Still don’t believe me that they can taste good when incorporated in with other ingredients? Watch this BBC video from the “Tomorrow’s food” programme and see for yourself:

Most protein bars I come across go back on the shelf due to the fake sweeteners or synthetic flavourings I read in them, however these bars from SENS bar ( are made with all natural, wholefood ingredients.

Note: This is sample size, the final product will be bigger, see below

SENS bar have created 2 protein bars [20g complete protein per bar] and 2 energy bars, all containing cricket flour. This is where the main protein source is coming from. The finished products will weigh 50g for the energy bars and 65g for the protein bars. The flavours are:
1- Dark chocolate & sesame- protein bar
2- Peanut butter & cinnamon-protein bar
3- Pineapple & coconut- energy bar
4- Dark chocolate & orange- energy bar

Taste Review
Peanut butter & cinnamon- You can really taste the cinnamon with a mild peanut flavour
Dark chocolate & sesame
- Slight chocolate flavour, not too sweet which some people who are more fond of savoury flavours will appreciate, slightly dry but still a decent taste.
Pineapple & coconut- My favourite bar, you can smell the pineapple as soon as you open it and the coconut blends well with the other flavours, especially the pineapple
Dark chocolate & orange- Has a lovely orange scent and taste to it which pairs really well with the chocolate (cacao) flavour
Overall: You would honestly find it hard to tell these apart from other protein or fruit & nut bars, you definitely can’t taste anything strange in these and I’m already craving another pineapple & coconut one!
This is a piece of the dark chocolate & sesame bar

I also wrote a post a few months back on this very issue (see here) were I mentioned the benefits of eating insects as a protein/nutrition source. I don’t eat a lot of meat so need to make sure I’m getting enough vitamin B12 in my diet, but I also love a convenient, natural, fruit & nut bar and these beauties are providing both, bonus!

Quick reasons to support SENS
Produces significantly less greenhouse gases than mammal protein
Low GI due to fibre from psyllium husk + wholefood ingredients
High protein + low carb + healthy fats + natural sugars
B12 + iron without red meat

Update: SENS have now reached their target on kickstarter, thankyou to anyone who helped but fear not as now you can order bars from them on a regular basis, woo!
If you’re interested in this big future food trend and would like to benefit from having a new all natural, nutritious food choice out there then check out their site and support their kick starter campaign ( to help spread this trend & enable purchases all across Europe.
For more detailed information on production, ingredients and FAQ’s, see here:
To conclude, please give some thought to this topic and don’t ignore it due to the initial “ick” factor. This health food trend is one that is actually nourishing and can be good for the environment/climate! I can see benefits in it and therefore am happy to incorporate this type of food into my diet.

Much love,

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